1-5 PL–Who’s Counting?

There has been a lot of talk about 3PLs becoming 4PLs or 5PLs depending on the level of service that is actually provided. Never mind that 3PL actually stands for Third Party Logistics whatever service is available. Result of all of this number game is needless confusion. The end measure is how well a logistics provider meets the customer’s needs and does what the customer wants.

I am reminded of the You Tube rant about “You don’t have to call me Ray”. The bottom line is it doesn’t matter how many initials you have in your pedigree or in your name. SSMG Warehousing delivers what their customers want. We work hard to understand the needs and desires of our customers so we know we can fulfill them. If we can’t meet their needs, we tell them up front and walk away from the business. Our services range from simple warehouse storage to full supply chain management.

If we were counting our services, there would be a high number:

1. We are an approved Foreign Trade Zone to delay duty payments until product enters the commerce of the United States. Our light assembly processes may even reduce the duty on the product that actually ships.
2. We offer full scale inventory management that includes suggested purchase orders to replenish to your forecast.
3. Inventory accuracy is our middle name. The most recent (January, 2014)physical inventory resulted in 99.9996% accuracy for one of our customers.
4 We offer full visibility of inventory, open orders, inventory transactions and customer profile information via a web based WMS. This access is available 24/7.
5. We offer logistics consulting/advising on import, export, and domestic logistics.
6. We offer training rooms and video conferencing to our customers.
7. Our location in the middle of FOUR interstate highways means you can get on the road quickly. We offer deep discounts on LTL and TL service regionally.
8. We are 65 miles from the port of Charleston, the most efficient port on the East Coast.

Maybe we are an 8PL but you don’t have to call us that.

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