SSMG Warehousing & Distribution has been working with Dock Blocks since June, 2012 with very little activity or storage.  Many 3PL providers would impose a minimum charge for lack of activity but SSMG worked with Dock Blocks and did not impose any minimums.  Instead, we learned how to do sub-assemblies and how to build the modular floating dock platforms.  We went beyond our customer’s expectations, making suggestions on the assembly process and finding low cost transport methods.

 Dock Blocks is now ready to expand and begin producing high volume systems.  SSMG will be right there with them as they grow.  

 This story is just one of the ways SSMG can be flexible and work with our customers so that both of us prosper in the long run.  We understand start-ups as well as long established companies.  We have no set pattern or rigid template you have to meet.  We will help you develop your program and help you grow.  Our on line inventory system is available and visible via the internet 24/7.  We take pride in being able to shape individualized programs for each of our customers.

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