SSMG Warehousing sets record for shipments in one week

Recently SSMG warehousing set a new record for outbound shipments in one week on a one shift operations schedule.  The warehouse shipped 19,000 rugs in one week in addition to 15,000 bird feeders.  The key to the success was pre-planning and work station layout.  Each of the rugs had to be pre-tagged with the customer’s price so organization and preparation were mandatory.  The bird feeders were shipped on many different orders to different locations.  It was a logistics challenge but our team laid out the work, managed the tasks and got it done. 

SSMG warehousing is known for its ability to do many things and its flexibility to accomplish multiple tasks.   This record is the latest example of planning the work and working the plan.  Volume shipping is just one of our abilities.

If you need warehousing that can do it all at low cost, SSMG fits that need.

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