3PL and Football–the Similarities

Winning football and SSMG Warehousing have a lot in common.   To be successful in football, you have to have the talent to excel, the game plan for each situation that will win.  You also have to make adjustments during the game to exploit opporutnities and outstanding leadership.

Before committing to a 3PL, you need to ask for these same attributes from the 3PL.   SSMG Warehousing has an experienced team that commits to extraordinary performance for each and every situation and customer.  The team has many years of experience in warehousing and distribution so they are rarely surprised by what they encounter.  There are no “trick plays” to get the job done, just smart approaches to all situations.

We create a “game plan” for each customer individually so that we are sure we are meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations.  A custom approach to each customer gives us an advantage over regular warehouse operations.  We study the product, the configuration, the weight, the size, the velocity of shipments and design a plan for the customer.  As we receive the product, we “make adjustments” to the plan to improve it and we often make suggestions to the customer on areas of product packaging improvements to save money and time.

The leadership of our team is seasoned and experienced in both distribtuion and manufacturing so light assembly is not a challenge to us.  With over 78 years of exerience among our team, we have the knowledge and skills to make  your 3PL experience a positive one.

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