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Fear and 3PLs

One of the great drivers of fear in business is the unknown. When you are looking for a Third party logistics company, uncertainty is the norm. What do you really know about any 3PL firm other than what they tell … Continue reading

3PL and Football–the Similarities

Winning football and SSMG Warehousing have a lot in common.   To be successful in football, you have to have the talent to excel, the game plan for each situation that will win.  You also have to make adjustments during the … Continue reading

Communication leads to better process

Previous posts have indicated the importance of repeatable processes in a warehouse environment.  As in manufacturing, warehouses must have documented, mistake-proofed processes  to get the job done.   Right along with those processes, communication on a daily basis makes a warehouse … Continue reading


There are three key components to warehousing success and treating distribution as if it were process based manufacturing.  The first of these –and probably the most important– is AWARENESS of the demand and supply in the warehouse.   Each day the demand … Continue reading


The importance of process controls and continuous improvement has been recognized in manufacturing for years but it is just as important in a warehouse environment.   SSMG uses standardized processes, locations, and procedures for each step; from receiving to storage to … Continue reading