Fear and 3PLs

One of the great drivers of fear in business is the unknown. When you are looking for a Third party logistics company, uncertainty is the norm. What do you really know about any 3PL firm other than what they tell you? A slick web site is nice but it isn’t a guarantee of good service. There are really no standard measurements you can access so there is uncertainty. So what do you do about uncertainty and fear? What can you be certain about?

SSMG Warehousing and Distribution has answers for you. We work hard to give our customers the best value for their money in every situation. We have a personal touch that over rides the normal electronic communications. We offer great flexibility in our rate structures, terms, invoicing schedules and material handling processes. We are a solid company that will be around when you need us. We use lean warehousing techniques to identify and eliminate waste in our processes. Reduced waste leads to reduced costs so you will get the best value.

One of our continuous improvement projects is the relentless search for process improvements. We recently changed our entire inventory locating process to make it simpler, more accurate and easier to execute. We have a strong commitment to our customers to “do the right thing” in all that we do. When we make mistakes, we are accountable and freely admit them. We firmly believe that it takes less time to do something right than it does to explain why you didn’t do it right the first time.

Lastly we appreciate and respect our customers. We are transparent in all that we do and we welcome and encourage customers to visit and see their product in the warehouse.

Our web based WMS makes visibility simple and available 24/7. We want you to see all that we do. We want to earn your confidence and drive out fear.

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