The last post introduced the concept of  3 ” R’s” that add value to a 3PL transaction.  The second “R” is RESPONSIVENESS”.   This “R” obviously includes quick response to customer phone calls or requests but it includes much more.  SSMG offers 24/7 access to inventory records via out internet based WMS system.  We also offer a full set of metrics if you need them to support on time shipments, Accuracy of ASNs if they are required and will measure fill rate if you use our proven inventory management & replensihment services.  We can take your forecast and track your replenishment effort for you. 

While these are somewhat common in the 3PL world, our primary effort at being fully responsive is in the area of INNOVATION.  We look at your individual shipments, your shipment process, your turn times and all the rest of the facets of shipping to the end customer.  We then offer suggestions on how to make the process cheaper, better and faster.  We like to solve your problems, not look at them and shake our heads.  Our innovation springs directly from the My Own Money (MOM) philosophy discussed previously.

As we looked one customer’s shipping/pick & pack operation, we realize that we could re-use the original packing boxes for re-shipment to the end customer.  This step resulted in a considerable savings to our customer and increased his margins as a result.  We also re-slotted the warehouse to create fixed locations for all of the customer’s product.  The ressulted in better shipability, shorter pull times and better inventory control. 

Another customer had a bulky export shipment and could not figure out how to ship the product.  We assembled special pallets that allow the order to fit on a contaiiner and the end result was actually cheaper then the original plan from the customer. 

Yet another customer had floor stacked small boxes of a very light product that required manual unstacking and re-stacking.  We suggested slip sheets as a replacement for all of the manual labor and the cust0mer never looked back.  His cost per unit for loading and unloading practically disappeared.

INNOVATION in all that we do is at the heart of our business.  Innovation in billing practices  has also resulted in savings for our customers by suggesting a different billing base.  We can alter biliing cycles, billings methods and rates as well as invoice payment terms. 

We try to respond directly to the customer’s needs and help them solve their logistics problems.  We INNOVATE our way to better customer relationships and commitment that often result in overall growth for our customers.

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