Every business looks for new customers every day,  but a task that is just as important is taking care of their current customers.  In a warehouse environment, there is not a lot we can do to improve the product itself beyond recommending packaging changes, shipping practice changes or storage efficiency changes.  Admittedly, those can be significant cost savings but that alone may not be enough.   At SSMG Warehousing we look at 3 “R’s” that help our customers delight their customers.  This is the first of several postings on Reliability, Responsiveness and Relevance as hallmarks of a growth-based 3PL relationship.

Of these three, Reliability is the one that most customers think about first.  At SSMG we want to gain all of our customers’  trust and form a true partnership with each of them.  We do that by using the “My Own Money” (MOM) way of thinking.  We look at each transaction as if we were spending our own money instead of a company account or a customer account.  That unique perspective helps us see things that could reduce costs and improve service for our customers.  Future posts will give you specific examples of how MOM thinking saves money and time.

We are also well versed in emergency situations and expedited shipments.  We have set processes to handle these ocurrences.  One of our customers sells a product that is needed in storm areas and it is not unusal to get calls through the night about shipments needed immediately.  We handle the expedited paperwork and get the shipment ready within hours of the very first call.   I always remember the old Burger King commercial “special orders don’t upset us” since it is so relevant to warehousing.

SSMG can also help with unusual issues and provide reccomendations and advice on shipments or receipts.  With over 100 years of logistics experience among the senior staff, there is very little we have not seen or done when it comes to shipping. 

SSMG is also a full service warehouse in a non-traditional sense as we offer training rooms for customer meetings, as well as video conferencing for customer interface .  We are also able to help with customer service on your products taking calls and routing them to the appropriate person in your organization.

Logistics help is also part of our reliability segment.  We have many special freight rates in place and logisitics partners ranging from small package to full truck load to flat bed service.  We also offer drayage service to and from the area ports.

Relaibility is a way to help our customers grow and thrive, knowing that their merchandise is in good hands.

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