Relevance of a 3PL relationship to sustain GROWTH

The last of the three “R’s” leading to customer growth through use of a 3PL is Relevance . How a company uses a 3PL provider is critically important to their growth in sales and customers. There are some companies that use 3PL warehouses like an extra garage to store inventory they wish they didn’t have.   This “out of sight out of mind” philosophy is the worst possible reason to use a 3PL.  At SSMG we want to form true partnerships with all of our customers, providing them with advice and help in any way we can.  In most cases, we are the last people to touch and see your inventory before it reaches its final destination at your customer’s dock.   We take that responsibility seriously to make sure that you look good in your cutstomer’s eyes.

Along with that philosophy comes our expertise to help you with packaging, shipping, labeling or anything else that will help you sell your products to more customers or at a higher volume.  We use advanced software to cube trucks or containers.  We use an internet based WMS that gives you 24/7 access to your inventory.   We will give you the best customer service you can get.  Our metrics of on time delivery are at 100 % for The Home Depot.  We want to be part of your business that is not a cost center but a true partner in your business helping you to grow.

SSMG has a prime location with quick access to 4 interstate highways (I-26. I-95, I-20, & I-77) and we are located about 65 miles from the port of Charleston, SC.  That port is one of the few that can handle large container ships NOW rather than in a few years.  We value our relationship with the port since it is one of the most effiicient ports on the East Coast.

Our value added services including inventory replenishment management is a proven way to reduce inventory spend while maintaining high on time delivery and fill rate metrics.

We are also approved as a foreign trade zone to help your cash flow and delay payment of duties.  We offer optimum value for storage and distribution where you ship to big box stores or to residential areas.    We are relevant to your business plan and will help you meet or exceed your profit plans.

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