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There are three key components to warehousing success and treating distribution as if it were process based manufacturing.  The first of these –and probably the most important– is AWARENESS of the demand and supply in the warehouse.   Each day the demand … Continue reading

SSMG Warehousing sets record for shipments in one week

Recently SSMG warehousing set a new record for outbound shipments in one week on a one shift operations schedule.  The warehouse shipped 19,000 rugs in one week in addition to 15,000 bird feeders.  The key to the success was pre-planning … Continue reading


The importance of process controls and continuous improvement has been recognized in manufacturing for years but it is just as important in a warehouse environment.   SSMG uses standardized processes, locations, and procedures for each step; from receiving to storage to … Continue reading


SSMG Warehousing & Distribution has been working with Dock Blocks since June, 2012 with very little activity or storage.  Many 3PL providers would impose a minimum charge for lack of activity but SSMG worked with Dock Blocks and did not … Continue reading

Exercise Equipment Provider chooses SSMG Warehousing & Distribution

Impulse-Fitness based in Utah has chosen SSMG Warehousing & Distribution as their US distribution facility.  Their products are highly regarded strength and fitness training equipment.  SSMG Warehousing stores and ships the equipment upon demand.  Other recent customers using SSMG include … Continue reading

Flexible Invoicing for warehousing saves costs and makes sense

Not all products are the same size, density or weight but most warehouses charge the same way no matter what you are storing.   At SSMG Warehousing, we offer flexible invoicing and payment plans that match your product and your needs.  … Continue reading

SSMG Warehousing offers logistics consulting

SSMG Warehousing offers logistics consulting as well as warehouse space.  Our experienced and dedicated staff can help you solve logistics problems beyond standard 3PL services.  We can help you learn how to ship to the Big Box Stores as well … Continue reading

SSMG offers new small business program

SSMG has answered the challenged for small businesses looking for a warehouse solution to import product or export. Continue reading

Building Renovation Completed

SSMG has completed a renovation to its entire roofing system providing its customers with a top of the line facility. Continue reading

Docking System Manufacturer Chooses SSMG

Dock Blocks have selected SSMG to provide all of their warehouse and logistics services Continue reading